I write about travel, food and culture.

Most of my work is about Italy. I’ve written about subjects such as Milanese café culture, Tuscan gardens, Tuscan markets, Tuscan hill-top towns you may not be familiar with, fashion history exhibitions, the effects of mass tourism on the Tuscan town of Cortona, Leonardo da Vinci and the legacy he left in Milan, and ordering pizza rossa in Rome whilst watching the Italian patriarchy unfold before my eyes. (I’m also writing a book about fashion in Milan.)

I show readers where to go, what to do and what to see with an outsider’s eye and a local’s insight that brings those cultural nuances and details to life on the page. 

I’m a regular writer at Italia Magazine and The Local Italy, and I’ve written for prize-winning publication Roads and Kingdoms.

I’ve also written about women’s rights in Italy for The Local Italy and Ms Magazine. 

View my portfolio here.

photo: rainy days in Venice, Rachael Martin