I’m a regular writer for Italia Magazine and have written news reports and travel features and reports for Italy’s English news site The Local Italy, and travel features for Roads and Kingdoms and other online publications.

Here’s a selection of my work.


Looking for Leonardo (Italia Magazine)

Como, Garda and Maggiore: An Insider’s Guide to the Italian Lakes (Segmento Magazine)

Lake Como: Five glorious gardens to visit this Spring (The Local Italy)

Courmayeur Travel Guide (online version of Italia Magazine feature)

To Arezzo for lunch (online version of Italia Magazine feature)


Weekend Wanderlust: Tagliacozzo, where Christmas traditions meet ancient magic (The Local Italy)

The most mouthwatering Christmas cakes around Italy (The Local Italy)

The Serious Business of Breakfast in Northern Italy (Roads and Kingdoms)

What to order after your brioche and caffè marocchino (Roads and Kingdoms)

Making Tracks, series for Italia Magazine

Part 1 To Bologna Part 2 To Rome Part 3 To Lake Como

Part 4 To Turin Part 5 Milan to Genoa Part 6 Genoa to Levanto


Why activists believe Italy’s divorce reforms would be terrible for women and children (The Local Italy)

Non Una di Meno: exploring the women’s strikes in Italy (Ms Magazine)

#MeToo was a Rallying Cry at Women’s Marches in Italy (Ms Magazine)

Women in Italy are demanding a #MeToo moment (Ms Magazine)

Reclaiming my mother’s legacy – and my own identity (Ms Magazine)

Coronavirus, Italy

Life under lockdown: how life in Italy has changed in just three weeks