Cooking up a tart’s spaghetti – online cookery class

Hi everyone! Join me and cook along as I cook one of Italy’s most loved pasta dishes, spaghetti alla puttanesca or tart’s spaghetti.

As we cook, we’ll be taking a journey through the Spanish Quarter in Naples, delving back into the history of spaghetti and taking a general look at what pasta means to those who eat it. It’s a fascinating tale of kings, wheat, foreign invaders – and there’s a car wash in Sicily too.

Set your table beforehand. Any checked tablecloth reminiscent of an Italian trattoria will do, or even just your favourite tablecloth. Don’t forget the bread – even when eating pasta, Italians still love their bread – just lay it on the table to break off.

This is one of my favourite go-to dishes, especially when I’m in a hurry and need to get something on the table quick. Plus I have the luxury of knowing that my kids will always ALWAYS eat pasta.

Ci vediamo là? (See you there?)

Date and time: Thursday 25 February, 6 pm UK time (duration: 60 mins)

Cost: 12 euro

Fancy a glass of Prosecco and a giggle with friends as you cook away and listen to stories of Italian food? Book privately for a group of friends – date and time to be arranged upon request.


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What others say…

“As a food obsessive (read: I’m greedy) I really enjoyed Rachael’s cookery session. As well as being knowledgable about Italian food, she encourages participants to get a feel for the ingredients and cook in a way that feels natural rather than prescriptive or too scientific. The class really sparked my creativity as a chef!” – Lizzie Cernik

“This was such a brilliant workshop! Rachael was warm and engaging and the session managed to be both fun and informative. I loved learning about the history of Italian food and getting tips on how to cook it better. And the best part? Getting to eat the results of it! Tastiest dish I’ve ever made too.” – Rae Ritchie