The Great British seaside

It’s all about creating the memories. Usually, it’s the North East coast: Whitby, Staithes and Sandsend, scene of many a childhood holiday.

Last summer we had a day trip to Filey and Scarborough. Filey became a seaside resort during Victorian times and still retains a certain air of faded gentility in spite of the obligatory fish and chip shops and seafront fair rides. Scarborough gives you the full works. A seafront full of fish and chip shops and arcades facing right on the harbour and a decent-sized funfair complete with the obligatory dodgem cars; and yet the fishing heritage is still present in the piled-up lobster pots along the harbour. My kids loved it. And the sunset was certainly worth the trip. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, or so the saying goes. Which translates as high pressure is moving in from the west, and tomorrow will be a good day.

Sand in your sandwiches, wind in your hair, bit of drizzle on your bag of chips.

British summer holidays are made of this.



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