Canederli, a typical dish of the South Tyrol, the mountainous area which stretches down into Italy and Alto Adige. Alto Adige was originally part of Austria, and only became part of Italy during the armistice agreed after the First World War. It was then occupied by German troops during the Second World War but passed into the hands of the allies at the end of the war in 1945. German is still spoken by many in the area and the Tyrolese influence is very much felt both in architecture and in its regional dishes. Canederli are also typical of southern Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Slovakia.

Canederli are made of stale bread, milk, eggs, speck (smoked pork belly) and cheese. They can either be cooked in broth or served in butter.

These were eaten one Sunday in February in a mountain refuge high up on Grigna, one of the mountains above Lecco near to my home.

Served with fresh melted butter and sauteed sage leaves.

Now this is what I call food…


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