Hello! I’m Rachael Martin. I’m a freelance writer, journalist and author and I live just north of Milan.

I generally write about travel, food, culture, history, the arts, Italian fashion history, women’s stories, motherhood and mountains. I’m a regular writer at Italia Magazine, and my book The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Milan was published in March 2021. I’m now working on two other books (out 2023 and 2024), both Italy-based, but with more of a look towards the past and the stories of the people and places involved.

I’ve worked as a freelance radio journalist for BBC radio on various occasions, and in particular during the Covid pandemic in Italy. I was also on Good Morning Britain talking about the Covid pandemic.

If you’d like to work with me, email me at rachaelmartinfreelance@gmail.com

For book enquiries, email press.rachaelmartin@gmail.com

I’m available for talks and events.

I also love mountains.

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What people say about me


“Rachael’s travel articles are richly textured and never obvious. She’s an insightful and engaging guide who writes from extensive experience, highlighting parts of Italy that rarely make the usual travel lists and finding the overlooked gems in those that do.”

Jessica Phelan. Co-editor, The Local Italy


“Rachael turned her brilliant ideas into engaging copy delivered on time for our client’s Tuscany guide. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work.”

Kate Simon, Traveltappers


“When Rachael suggested the talk, I was most curious. What were we in for? As it turned out, an amazing morning of fascinating stories about Italy in the 1950s and 1960s. Great morning Rachael – and very well researched.”

Anne Stubley, President Benvenuto International Club of Monza