I’m a freelance travel and food writer, based just north of Milan.

I came to Italy in the 90s and made it my home. It kind of happened gradually. There are two versions: the Isabella Allende version, female geneaologies and all, that will be written for my grandkids and begins Our grandmother arrived on a plane. And then there’s the other version, owing slightly more to Bridget Jones that starts with me in a bright orange puffer jacket roaming around Italy on trains. Then life happened, and before I knew it I was driving round the Milan ring road eyeing up the Abarths and singing along to Mina with the best of them. I learned the language and I absorbed the culture.

I written about travel, food and all that’s connected for a range of publications including Roads and Kingdoms, Italia magazine and Standard Issue. I provide on the spot insights into places, food, culture, experiences and more. I also write a blog at Northern Italian Diaries.

If you would like to get in touch, you can contact me at rachaelmartinfreelance@gmail.com

You can find me on  InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.